Friday 30 November 2012

Ordering your heroes

Bangalore is home to perhaps the highest number of  Darshinis and cafes in India. There are also a large number of hotels and bakeries. Eating out has, therefore, never been a problem in Bangalore.
There are eateries to suit your taste and budget. However,  there are only a handful of eateries that have cinema, literature and sports as their theme.
In this article, let me tell you about some unusual eateries in Bangalore. Try them out for variety.
Let me start with a fast food restaurant in Chamarajpet where you can order your much loved Kannada poet or novelist for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Each dish here is named after a great Kannada writer. Instead of  asking for the dish such as idli, order for a plate of D.V. Gundappa (DVG). DVG will instantly get you Thatte idlis.
DVG was one of the most famous Kannada writer. Born in Mulabagal, he is famous for Manku Thimmana Kagga.
There are dishes named after other authors such as Da Ra Bendre (Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre of Dharwad).
Well, if you order Bendre, you get Chitraanna, which in English is better known as lemon rice. Masti Venkatesh Iyengar will get you Puliyogre and Prof V.K. Gokak will fetch you Nippatlu.
Check out the unusual menu at SLV Fast Food restaurant. The menu card has the names of  Kannada writers along with their photographs.
Another unusual hotel is in Gandhinagar, the home of Sandalwood, the Kannada film industry.
A prominent film producer and MLC, Sandesh Nagaraj, has named his  new restaurant at his hotel Sandesh Kingston in Gandhinagar as ‘Sandalwood’.
The filmy restaurant is on the fourth floor of the hotel and when you enter it, you are immediately greeted with impressions of palms of  Kannada film artistes.
The dining hall is decorated with photographs of film artistes. There are black and white photographs too. The kitchen too has many photographs.    
The menu card too is filmy. It conta8ins photographs of film artistes and their favourite dishes.
Another place to try out is “The Bat and Ball Inn” behind Richmond Road.
This small place is beautifully decorated and cricket is its theme. There are photographs and some cricket gear in the restaurant which is located on Laurel Road, just behind the building of Haj Committee.
This is a homestay owned by cricketers Sreesanth and Robin Uthappa,  Charu Sharma and J K Mahendra. The homestay has a cricket-based theme. It has two restaurants- Cornucopia and “The Bat and  Ball Inn+-both of which have  cricket memorabilia.
Another eatery devoted to cricket is called Inswing. If you are a cricket fan, head to Inswing which showcases autographed bats and cricket posters.
Inswing has good north Indian dishes and check out the parathas. It is located on 21st Main, near BDA Complex, Banashankari 2nd Stage.


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