Saturday 29 December 2012

The cave for a trekker

Darkness has always fascinated man. It is in the dark that a man’s real test of character is put to test. If darkness holds no terror, then motor down to the cave temple in Chandravalli in Chitradurga district for a vacation.
The cave is one of the oldest structures of its kind and it has a small temple within. The cave is called Chandravalli and it is just three kms away from Chitradurga.
What makes this cave unique is that it is located in the vicinity of three hills- Chitradurga, Cholagudda and Kirubana­kallu. The way to the cave is to ask for the Ankali Matha. This is a popular matha and many will be able to easily guide you to the place.
When you approach the hills, you can see a lake. Just across the lake is the cave temple.
The approach to the cave is between two huge boulders. This is the beginning of the Matha. The cave shaft is well over 75 feet in depth. You can walk upright for most part of the walk into the cave. The cool breeze will surely make you feel better.
When you enter into the cave, you can see a linga. There are rooms for praying, meditation and shelves for saints and holy men to keep their belongings, library and bathrooms. You can also spot some carvings and paintings.
Better not venture without a guide as you can easily get lost. The cave has a different exit route. The cave is believed to have many secret hiding places and doors.
The end point of the cave is called Rahasya Sthala or secret point. This is believed to have been the last place of refuge by Kings from their enemies.
If you are a history buff, explore the many rock inscriptions and artifacts dating back from the Iron Age. There is also a rock inscription belonging to Mayura Sharma, the founder of the Kadamba Kingdom of Banavasi. This inscription is believed to be dated about 450 AD.
Check out the rock inscription and stone carvings in the Bhairaweshwara temple. The paintings here have been drawn by using vegetable colours.
Chitradurga is 198 kms from Bangalore and Chandravalli is just a few kms away from here. There are a number of buses and you can visit Chandravalli in a day and come back to Bangalore. The national highway to Chitradurga is a motorists’ delight. Plenty of food and even accommodation is sailable in Chitradurga.    
If you have time, go around the Yelu Suttina Kote or Chitradurga fort and the several temples that dot the city.

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