Sunday 10 March 2013

A dam near Bangalore

This is not a big dam and you will be disappointed when you visit it in Summer as the water levels are not all that deep. However, this is an ideal spot for a weekend jaunt and a Sunday picnic with family and friends.
What sets this dam from others of its kind is that it is just a “hop, skip and jump” away from Bangalore and apart from the Kanva irrigation dam, this is the only one in the immediate vicinity of Bangalore.
Besides, the waters of the dam are clean and they are free of pollutants. This is a big plus point in today’s world when river waters are highly polluted and the dam waters are generally considered unsafe to drink.
The water here is clean, clear and pristine. Moreover, there is no crowd here and  this can be a pretty relaxing outing. AN added bonus is the fair number of birds that you can find around the dam site.
This is Harobele Dam which stands on the Arkavathy river. While the other three dams like Hesarghatta,  Tippegondanahalli and Manchanabele are pretty crowded, Harobele is pretty unknown and it is not on the tourist map.
Unlike Sangam, Chunchi Falls, Mekedatu and Muttati, this dam is a lonely place and is deserted most of the times. This is one of the last dams across the 154.5 km ;long Arkavathy, which rises in Nandi Hills.
Though the dam is small. It is still a puzzle why it took so many years to complete. Though construction of this vital water body began in 1980, it was completed almost two decades later.
Today, it fulfils the water needs of Kanakapura taluk. Apart from providing drinking water, it also meets the irrigation needs of the Kanakapura and neighbouring taluks.
Carry food and water and the nearest town with basic amenities is Kanakapura.
The Dam, also called Arkavathy Dam, is about 85 kms  from Bangalore. The easiest route is to  motor to Kanakapura. Once you reach this place, take the road to  Kodihalli.  When you reach the Kodihalli Circle , take the road to Harobele. The dam is just a few kms from Harobele village.
If you are confused, take the road to Sangam from Kanakapura. Continue on the road till you see a sign pointing to the Harobele Dam.  
There are buses from Bangalore and Kanakapura to Kodihalli. If you have the time, take in Sangam and Mekedatu which are nearby.

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