Saturday 16 February 2013

An umbrella carved from a single stone

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Would you like to view the entire hill ranges of Kolar at one go. Mind you there are several hills in and around Kolar and they number hundreds.
It might take you a lot of tears and several months to climb or even see all of them. Though they are all closeted nearby, they are all rock hewn with some of them having steep slopes and steeper access points.
The best way to take in the entire rock ranges of Kolar would to head to Paparajanahati village which is near Antargange in Kolar. The village is just two kilometers towards West from Antargange.
There are two things that you can do at the village here. The first is to gaze in awe and wonder at the stone umbrella that has been carved out of a single stone in front of the Shiva temple. The village is also equally known for the dargah of  Baba Hazrat Khaja Usman Shawali.
Both the temple and the Dargah are visited by people of all the communities. You can reach this temple either on foot from Antargange or by a vehicle.
You can have a glimpse of the entire Kolar ranges which is also called as Shathashringa Parvatha from here. The peak rises to a height of 4026 feet and gives you an amazing view of the surroundings. If you can, start counting the number of hills you can see.
If you have not visited Antargange, do so. There are temples here and the climb to the peak is worth the effort. 
Kolar is just 65 kms from Bangalore. The hills are just four kms from Kolar. The city of Kolar is accessible by both rail and road.

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