Friday 15 February 2013

The forest that is still unknown

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This is a forest that comes as close to a City as it could. Yet, the forests do not trigger any recognition among people. Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, the forests are still unknown to legions of Bangaloreans.
This forest is situated 70 kilometres from Bangalore and it is home to a variety of animals and birds. It is just 13 kms from Doddaballapur, where a Silk City is coming up.
Doddaballapur is just 43 kms from Bangalore and kms the Devara betta is just near this town.
Ti reach Devarabetta from Bangalore take the Bangalore-Yelahanka road, turn left at Yelahanka Cross and travel on the main road till you reach Doddaballapur.
Once you reach Doddaballapur,  take a right turn and travel for about ten kilometers or a little more. You will come to the entrance of the Devara Betta region.
Devara Betta is not far from two equally well-known places-Makali Durga and Ghati Subramanya.
Devara Betta is known for its thick and well spread out green forest cover. The shrubs offer a secure home to a large number of small animals and birds.
The Forest Department has enumerated the number of sloth bears, jackals, mongoose in thee forests. It is home to a number of snake species.    
Travel a little farther and you will reach Ghati village which is known for the Ghati Subramanya temple. The temple is famous in and around Bangalore for Nagaprathisthe and Nagara pooje. People with Sarpa Dosha come here for cure.
The temple has accommodation of visitors and pilgrims who want to stay back.
Makali Durga, which is just a few kilometers away is a well-known trekking and climbing spot. IT is also a picnic place. The railway station of Makalidurga is a sight to see.  
Since Doddaballapur is nearby, there is no issues relating to accommodation or even food. There are a lot of places nearby to explore, including Nandi Hills.
On the way to Doddaballapur, check out the recently renovated temple of Hanuman in the village of Honnenahalli which was consecrated in the 16th century by the Madhwa saint Vyasa Raja or Vyasa Theertha, the pontiff of the Vyasa Raja Matha.
Doddaballapur is easily accessible bus buses and private vehicles. It is also the place where regular night treks to Nandi Hills commence. The lights on the distant Nandi Hills are markers in the night for the trekkers. Night trek options are available to Makali Durga too.
The funny thing is that very few people seem to know about the Devera Betta forests, though they are aware of Makali Durga and Ghati Subrmanya. Even Googling will not get you any information.

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