Friday 1 February 2013

The forests of Bangalore-1

I have often been asked whether there are any forests near Bangalore. When I mention that the forests at Mutathi, Sangam and other places, they say these spots are far off.
Several of my friends and relatives wanted me to help them find a patch of green that they can show their children. The place, they said, should not be far off from the city.
I then mentioned the Tuurahalli forests. These forests are located in south Bangalore and they are just eight kilometers from Banashankari bus stop or the Banashakkari temple on Kanakapura Road.
They are spread over 800 acres.
The forest here is a mix of  dry deciduous foliage with eucalyptus (Nilgiri) trees and other wild shrubs and trees. If you are lucky you can spot small animals and reptiles like Rock Agamas, jackal, snakes, mangoose, wild hare and even monitor lizard apart from a long list of birds.
As this area belongs to the Forest Department, their permission is necessary for venturing into the forest. This is also better as they will also be able to guide you to the best place where you can see animals and birds.
Turahalli has always been a bird watchers’ delight. With growing urbanization, Bangalore is losing its greenery and many birds that were frequently seen in the city are being driven to the outskirts. The forests host more than 70 species of birds , including the  Pea fowl, Great Horned Owl, White eyed Buzzard and Red Wattled Lapwing and at least 30 different species of butterflies such as Tailed Jay and Blue Pansy.
Several NGOs and wildlife enthusiasts organise school and children camps. These camps cover varied activities like bird and nature watching, butterfly spotting, environment and even rapelling and rock climbing.
Turahalli has a lot of rocks and small hillocks which makes it an ideal spot for rock climbing. These are boulders of hard granite of various shapes and sizes and they are deemed suitable for rock climbing.
Several decades ago, it was a favourite spot for elephants and part of the elephant corridor. Well, there can be nothing better than outdoor education and Turahalli, next to Bangalore, can offer a lot.
Take the Kanakapura Road and travel upto Khodays Circle. Ask the way to Gublala village and from there Turahalli is just around the corner.   


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  2. Nothing can beat outdoor education, its sad there are not many such options for the children of today... Thank you for such informative post

    1. Yes, you are right. Education is the best and permanent solution for all ills. Unfortunately, our system of education is flawed.Not much attention is paid to outdoor activities. Education must be a joy for the children and not a burden which it is today. Thanks for your appreciation

  3. coool....extremely delighted by the information.i was exactly looking for a place like this.thanks a to know more places with small forest areas and some wild animals around bangalore.